The Journey

In 2001, frustrated with an inability, at only 12 years old, to play sports or dance due to illness and pain, I dug my mom’s 20-minute yoga VHS out of a box, and began to practice. A week later, I crouched in front of the tv speaker with my tape recorder, and captured the audio from the flow to listen to in bed. Every night, guided by teacher’s voice coming from my tape player, I did yoga on top of my covers.


For the next seven years I studied yoga wherever I could, checking out books from the library and eventually finding Youtube videos and apps to guide my practice. I began to share my love of yoga in 2008, teaching small classes and one-on-one in conjunction with life coaching and meditation, and dreaming of the day I could work for and earn my certification as a Registered Yoga Instructor.

In late 2014, with a brand-new baby girl and a suddenly obliterated marriage, I found myself living with my infant in the guest room of a generous acquaintance. Through the panic and overwhelm of those early days, I struggled to find a method of income. My hostess asked, if I could do anything in the world, what would I pursue as a career? I answered without hesitation. “I want to be a yoga instructor.” She smiled and told me to find a training program, and she would fund me.


I applied to Harmony Yoga’s RYT 200 certification program in early 2015. Lead Teacher Alison’s initial email response was discouraging – the class was full, but she could add me to a wait list. One agonizing week later, I received a phone call. Alison knew she had passed her intended class limit, but something prompted her to offer me a place in the training anyway. I cried and thanked her, and as I hung up the phone, I knew something in my life had just clicked into place.

I graduated with my 200 hour teaching certification in June of 2015, and my life has never been the same. I’ve enjoyed opportunities to teach at various gyms and studios in Spokane, even returning to Alison’s studio to teach Yin yoga in 2017.

My passion lies in using the principals of yoga to unlock both body and spirit. I love working with students who, like myself, suffer from chronic illness and pain, using physician-prescribed yoga as therapy to help them find relief and peace.

I am also a long-time student of the Chakras, and finds joy in leading Chakra-based meditation. Outside of my yoga practice, I engage with my spiritual gifts through energy readings and guidance divination.

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